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Custom pet portrait oil painting/wood panel

Custom pet portrait oil painting/wood panel


Choose a size and upload three photos of your pet below.



Upload three photos of your pet using the buttons above. 

Face. Upload a photo zoomed in and focused on the pet's face. Choose a photo where the eyes are easily visible and your pet has an expression that conveys their personality.  

Color. Upload a photo that represents your pet's fur (or hair, skin, feathers, scales, etc.) as accurately as possible. I will use this photo to decide which color and texture to use, so pay special attention to that.

Pose. Upload a photo showing the pose that you want for your artwork. Typically, pet portraits are full body and fill most of the frame, but you may prefer a portrait where only the face is visible. Choose a pose that convey's your pets personality.


General Photo Suggestions

Upload high quality photos with no flash, blur or filters. 

I want to see the details, for the face and color photos, use photos taken in good lighting taken a close range.

Send me additional photos at

I wont include a background, so upload photos where your pet look their best, not where they are in a beautiful place.


Media and medium:

Acrylic paint is fast drying and quicker to get your portrait to you than oil paint or linocuts. 

Wood panels are more durable than paper but require more layers of paint and varnish. Wood panels are slower to get your portrait to you than paper.  


Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or special requests. I want to make sure that your portrait will be a prized possession.

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